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Web Analytics Interview Questions

Analytical Skills

  • How would you model the estimated monthly visits on [insert domain].com for 2021 to 2025?

  • How would you calculate Customer Lifetime Value?

  • What KPIs do you think are most suitable to track customer engagement on an e-commerce site?

  • How should an omni channel organization balance online revenue and online engagement? How do you decide what is more important?

  • You get a request from a Product Manager to look at the offline conversions of a new feature online? How do you do this? How do you generate an ongoing report for them on a month to month basis?

  • What is the best way to measure customer online retention? How would you visualize it?

  • When you release a web application what are the most important metrics to track to understand if it is working properly? What are the important ways to segment these metrics? How would you visualize it?

  • If I want to look at customer acquisition what is the most important metric to track? How would you visualize it?

  • If I want to look at engagement with a mobile app what is the most important metric to track? How would you visualize it?

Technical Skills

  • Tell me about your experience with Power BI? Tableau?

  • Are you proficient in SQL? How would you structure a query to identify sales by channel per month only for customers acquired before 2019?

  • Can you give me an example of a dashboard you've created in the past and walk me through your process starting with in-taking the request to distribution of the report?

Technical Skills - Adobe Analytics

  • What is the purpose of an eVar?

  • What is the purpose of a Traffic Variable (prop)?

How would you use Adobe Analytics to:

  • Determine which marketing channels are driving the most traffic to our website?

  • Compare conversion rate trends YoY?

  • Determine which user journeys are most common (in terms of visitors, in terms of visits)?

  • Quantify the number of customers who are consistently coming back to your site?

  • Determine the overlap in engagement with two different sections of our site?

  • Identify key points of friction in a conversion funnel?

Describe a time when you've used Adobe Analytics to do the following:

  • Identified an issue/ problem on a site or app and worked with relevant stakeholders to help resolve?

  • Automate reporting for business stakeholders?

  • Identified an opportunity to improve a key metric (CSAT, conversion, sales, etc.)

Case Studies

Assume you have a retail national bank with 5,000 locations. For each of these tell me what kind of data you would need, at what granularity, how you would visualize it and other important views or drill downs that you think a business user would benefit from:

  • Is the given branch ready to open on a given morning

  • How many branches are down on a given day

  • How long does it take for a branch to come back online after a certain failure Hardware/Software/Network etc.

  • How would you calculate customer impact for a given branch during an outage of an ATM?

  • How do you calculate customer lifetime value?

  • How would you calculate the market share for the national bank's ATMs business?

  • How do you determine which ones are performing poorly, which are performing well?

  • How would you build a dashboard to help a business user understand this performance?

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